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The Next Street
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The Next Street


Massachusetts, USA


Jan 20, 2024

Revolutionizing the landscape of driving education, The Next Street entrusted us with the task of creating a captivating visual identity for their social media and Google Ads campaigns. Tailored to resonate with teenagers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Boston, our visuals breathe vibrancy and modernity into the world of driving education.

Drawing inspiration from The Next Street's brand guidelines, our visuals burst forth with the lively and energetic colors that define their identity. The dynamic color palette not only reinforces brand recognition but also resonates with the target audience—teenagers gearing up for the journey towards obtaining their learner's license.

Understanding that the primary demographic is teenagers, our visuals exude a youthful and contemporary vibe. From trendy graphics to modern design elements, every detail is crafted to capture the attention of the tech-savvy and style-conscious young audience.

Given The Next Street's presence in New England, the visuals pay homage to the local culture and scenery. Subtle nods to the iconic landmarks of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Boston are seamlessly integrated, creating a connection between the brand and its geographical roots.

The social media visuals are carefully curated to tell a story that resonates with the teenage experience of learning to drive. Whether it's through relatable scenarios, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or motivational messages, our content aims to create a sense of community and excitement among followers.

For the digital realm, our Google Ads visuals are strategically designed to stand out and grab attention. The use of bold imagery, concise messaging, and compelling calls-to-action ensures that The Next Street's ads are not just seen but remembered.

The Next Street's Visual Campaign is a fusion of energy, modernity, and regional identity. By infusing vibrancy into their social media visuals and Google Ads, we've crafted a visual language that not only resonates with the teenage audience but also positions The Next Street as the go-to destination for driving education in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Boston. As the journey unfolds, our visuals pave the way for a future where learning to drive is not just a necessity but a memorable and exciting milestone.

Elcin and her team have a wonderful design eye, and a wonderful design process. We love collaborating with them, and through iterative design, get to the final pieces that work well for us.

Elcin has helped us with everything from still social ads to animated infographics to print flyers. Her team can do it all. Aside from being talented designers, Elcin is also a wonderful human and someone we have all really enjoyed getting to know and getting to work with. Hire her, and don’t look back!

- Brandon DUFOUR, Founder / CEO at The Next Street

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