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New York, USA


Jan 20, 2024

Embarking on a visual journey, we at e.t. Design Studio were thrilled to craft the vibrant social media visual strategy for Frutero Ice Cream. This endeavor involved not only creating a compelling visual identity for Frutero across various platforms but also infusing their tropical flavors into a colorful narrative that engages and captivates their audience.

Frutero's delectable array of tropical flavors, including coconut, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, mango, tangerine, raspberry, and strawberry, inspired a harmonious visual identity. Each flavor was thoughtfully matched with a distinct color, creating a seamless connection between the taste experience and visual representation.

To elevate Frutero's social media presence, we designed a captivating feed visual guide. Following a gradient sequence, each flavor/color takes center stage for six posts before seamlessly transitioning to the next. This deliberate approach ensures that followers experience a visually stunning and cohesive feed reminiscent of a tropical color palette.

Strategically scattering "Now Available" announcements in a diagonal order within the feed ensures that important information is communicated seamlessly. This approach integrates promotional content with the vibrant gradient, maintaining a balance between promotional messaging and aesthetic appeal.

Bringing the tropical island vibe to Frutero's story highlights, we curated a delightful set of icons. Each icon not only visually represents a specific category but also adds a playful touch to the overall brand image. From ice cream cones to sunsets and tropical hats, the icons invite followers to explore Frutero's diverse content offerings.

  • Frutero Fans: Ice cream in a cone

  • Find Us: Directions sign

  • Healthcare: Lifebuoy ring

  • Recipes: Coconut cocktail icon

  • Our Farmers: Sunset over a sea

  • News: Tropical hat and glasses icon

  • Founders: Rudder icon

  • Tropical Fun: Starfish icon

Frutero Ice Cream's Social Media Visual Strategy is a visual feast that not only celebrates the brand's diverse flavors but also invites followers on a tropical journey. From the carefully curated gradient feed to the lively story highlight icons, every element is crafted to enhance the brand's online presence, fostering engagement, and creating a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of Frutero enthusiasts.

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