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Spirit Animal
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Spirit Animal





Spirit Animal Coffee is a high-end specialty coffee brand. Their coffees are sourced from small-scale Honduran farmers and have scored 88+ points on the coffee quality score. All coffee beans are hand-picked and hand-processed to ensure the best coffee experience. Committed to beans that merge luxury and sustainability, for a new coffee experience that changes your palate and our planet.

With the design project, our challenge was to create a visually impactful diversification between the different coffees they offer. However, limiting the whole package design to a single coffee type is not a cost-effective option because their coffees are high-end, small-batch micro-lot coffees. Therefore the formula had been achieved by making the single-serve packaging more diversified but keeping the cost-effective approach.

Our solution was to design a package that reflects the brand's new product for pour-over drip bag coffee to keep their production costs low with a package to help them diversify their single-serve offerings without having to produce new packaging for every single type of coffee they offer. We think the solution lies in a single-serve package that represents both the variety of coffees Spirit Animal Coffee offers as well as its cost-effective approach without sacrificing quality or premium image.

We’ve discovered through customer insights that the fact that different coffee varieties are practically identical is creating misunderstanding. We designed a colorful sticker option for each blend to make it differentiate the coffees in their packaging, which indicates the cultivar, the cupping score, and the producing region.

The proposed design solution provides an effective way to differentiate between the different coffees offered by Spirit Animal Coffee while still being cost-efficient. When we started Spirit Animal Coffee, we knew we needed to be different. But being different is hard, especially when you’re trying to stay cost-effective while offering high-end specialty micro-lot coffees. In addition to creating attractive packaging, we wanted to keep the cost-effective approach that is so integral to small-scale coffee farmers and specialty coffee shops alike. Thus, the packaging simply became more visually appealing and diverse.

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