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Spirit Animal
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Spirit Animal





Spirit Animal Coffee is a high-end specialty coffee brand. Their coffees are sourced from small-scale Honduran farmers and have scored 88+ points on the coffee quality score. All coffee beans are hand-picked and hand-processed to ensure the best coffee experience. Committed to beans that merge luxury and sustainability, for a new coffee experience that changes your palate and our planet.

We previously worked on their brand new Single-Serve Portable Pour Over Coffee packaging design and menu boards and signage for their flagship store. Our next brief was to design their coffee and sample bag packages. Similar to our brief with the single-serve packaging, we had to keep production costs low but still be able to keep the identification of each coffee type visible to the consumer.

We had a sustainable solution to their problem. We kept the round stickers that we had designed for the single-serve boxes, thus no extra cost was made. Design-wise we added the background pattern to the coffee packages so that the box and the bag designs were inline. Different from the single-serve packaging, we had to add information about the coffee and its farmer. Spirit Animal works with multiple farmers so here we had to have other flexible and cost-effective solutions. That is why we introduced a second sticker label for the back of the packages. The label includes information such as; the farmer's name and background, where the bean comes from (its altitude, region, and flavor), and also the best way to enjoy this coffee, and its brewing method.

The design solution provides an effective way to differentiate between the different coffees and introduces the farmer and its origin. When we started designing, we knew we needed to be different. But being different is hard, especially when you’re trying to stay cost-effective while offering high-end specialty micro-lot coffees. In addition to creating attractive packaging, we wanted to keep the cost-effective approach that is so integral to small-scale coffee farmers and specialty coffee shops alike. Thus, the packaging simply became more visually appealing and diverse.

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