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Frutero + Shapirubio
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Package Design, Branding, Illustration


Frutero + Shapirubio


USA, New York



In a delectable collaboration between Frutero ice-cream and Shapirubio, a unique packaging project was born, showcasing the exotic flavor of tamarind. The design not only encapsulates the essence of the tropical fruit but also highlights the partnership between these two esteemed brands.

The packaging design is a harmonious blend of illustrations and real-life images. Tropical leaves and tantalizing visuals of tamarind adorn the packaging, providing a visual feast for consumers. The incorporation of actual ice-cream and tamarind imagery brings a touch of authenticity to the packaging, enticing customers to indulge in the flavor experience.

A playful and meaty font was chosen for the flavor name, creating a whimsical and enticing element. To balance this exuberance, the Josephine Sans font was employed, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. This careful interplay of fonts ensures that the packaging appeals to a broad audience.

The base color, a light beige, serves as the canvas for the vibrant greens and browns, allowing them to pop and capture attention. This color scheme not only complements the tropical theme but also maintains a connection with the Frutero brand. The balance achieved in incorporating Shapirubio's identity ensures a seamless collaboration in visual representation.

Bright colors, Argentinian tropical birds, and tropical leaves take center stage in alternate concepts, showcasing the creative exploration undertaken during the design process. These concepts add a dynamic flair, demonstrating the versatility of the packaging design and its adaptability to various visual elements.

The Frutero x Shapirubio Tamarind Ice-Cream Tub Packaging project successfully captures the essence of collaboration, tropical vibrancy, and the unique flavor experience that awaits consumers. The careful consideration given to illustrations, typography, and color palette reflects a meticulous design process, resulting in a packaging that not only stands out on the shelves but also tells a compelling story of partnership and indulgence.

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