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Turkey, Istanbul



Wellbees is a digital corporate well-being solution. They offer expert support within the scope of a sustainable ‘well-being’ program with competitions, seminars, and events on a digital platform specific to the institution. Wellbees is a unique company that provides digital corporate well-being solutions. The company offers a holistic approach to well-being with the help of expert support, competitions, seminars, and events, as well as a digital platform that serves the specific needs of each client they work with.

When we found Wellbees they were an HR Scale-up Endeavor looking to expand their business in well-being solutions globally. In order to get Wellbees started, we designed all of their visual communication from scratch— their pitch deck presentations, sales presentations, leaflets, reports, user guides, email marketing, social media posts, newsletters basically everything. We created a yellow blue and green world taking advantage of the colors in the app and made a consistent look and used an illustrative world which enabled us to be both creative and flexible.

One of our challenges with Wellbees was that each company they would take on would have its own wellness brand. So for instance Pfizer's wellness brand was called “iyi sen” so we would have to design templates for their emails and communications according to those brands. So when working with Wellbees we didn’t have just one client, we had their clients as well, which made them quite unique.

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