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Taste Bubs
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Taste Bubs


Australia, Sydney



Taste Bubs is a pioneering branding project aimed at introducing food allergens to infants. The project encompasses the creation of a logo, brand guidelines, iconography, and packaging design, all thoughtfully tailored to cater to the needs of babies and their parents. This project is rooted in the importance of early allergen introduction for babies’ health and well-being.

The Taste Bubs logo is a testament to the project’s playful and child-friendly approach. It employs a whimsical font, carefully chosen to resonate with the target audience – babies. The logo sets the tone for the entire brand, making it welcoming and engaging for both parents and their little ones.

The heart of the Taste Bubs branding project lies in its iconography. Seven different allergens, namely cashew, peanut, sesame, almond, egg, soy, and walnut, each have their own distinct color and icon. This not only makes the packaging visually appealing but also ensures clear and easy identification. The cohesiveness in color choice maintains a harmonious visual language throughout the brand.

Taste Bubs packaging is a testament to thoughtful design. Each allergen is associated with a vibrant color, which immediately grabs the attention. The use of natural background colors provides an earthy and natural touch, allowing the allergen icons to stand out. This packaging is both functional and visually appealing, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to both safety and aesthetics.

The packaging also extends to the sachets that hold the allergen samples. The design of these sachets ensures that they align seamlessly with the overall branding, maintaining the same visual identity. Each box contains four sachets of each allergen, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly product for parents.

The Taste Bubs branding project is not just about visual aesthetics but also about communicating a crucial message about the introduction of allergens to babies. It does this in an engaging, approachable, and safe manner. The playful logo, the coherent iconography, and the carefully designed packaging all come together to deliver a strong brand identity that is both memorable and informative. Taste Bubs is a testament to the power of design to serve a meaningful purpose.

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