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Spirit Animal
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Branding, Menu Design, Business Card Design, Flyer Design, Catalog Design


Spirit Animal





Spirit Animal Coffee is a high-end specialty coffee brand. Their coffees are sourced from small-scale Honduran farmers and have scored 88+ points on the coffee quality score. All coffee beans are hand-picked and hand-processed to ensure the best coffee experience. Committed to beans that merge luxury and sustainability, for a new coffee experience that changes your palate and our planet.

We previously worked on their brand new Single-Serve Portable Pour Over Coffee packaging design, you can also check it! Our newest brief was also to create a menu and also an outdoor menu accompanying their newly renovated flagship store in Honduras.

We moved our design to collaborate with the new packaging into the menu’s essentials. It was very detailed with the corporate branding to reflect Sprit Animal Coffee’s brand identification to known as a coffee shop where located in their own town.

After carefully designing the menu and the outdoor signs for the flagship store, we were happy to work on a brand new brief where they wanted us to design a tester bag and chocolate packaging to both carry the same branding as we created for the new products.

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