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Procode Powered by K2 Sciences
/ Branding & Landing Page Design

Logo, Branding, Landing Page, Sell Sheet


Procode Powered by K2 Sciences


USA, California



K2 Sciences is a sports and wellness product consultancy that translates game changing innovation to the performance and physical therapy industries by leveraging a deep bench of leading experts in the sports science, therapy and medicine. And Procode is an elite Athlete Training program that specializes in coaching mental and physical training to prepare athletes to use their maximum capacity. The idea is that Procode is focused on training and K2 Sciences in focused on understanding how metrics affect the human body. Together they will gather objective metrics from athletes and translate what is means, Procode will then design training programs to optimize athletes based on what K2 suggest the data means. So we were to design a logo that would show this partnership.

Both companies had their own branding and when placed next to each other they were not in harmony. While the Procode branding was more suitable for sports with its condensed typeface, the K2 Sciences logo looked out of date. It was decided to keep the Procode logo as it was and to update the K2 Sciences logo. We needed to have a good balance of both brands so that neither would be overpowered by the other. We carried the bold orange color in to the K2 Science but balanced it out with the color grey. In the current K2 Sciences logo the K2 is in a square, we kept the square shape but made the corners round to be aligned with Procode type face. The typeface for K2 Science has semi-condensed proportions, with neo-grotesque look which gives a modern geometric form and futuristic feel. In the end we had a perfect union for this partnership.

After making their branding we moved on to preparing their landing page and key visual. We knew the landing page had to look new and bold. We wanted the design to be dynamic. Introducing a dark blue in contrast to the bold orange helped us in creating this energy. There was a lot of content and we had to use typography and graphics carefully so that the content would read itself.

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