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Ling Perfect


USA, Chicago



In the dynamic world of design and branding, staying relevant is essential to capturing the attention of a constantly evolving audience. A logo, the visual cornerstone of any brand, must adapt and evolve to reflect contemporary aesthetics and the spirit of the times. That’s why Ling Perfect, a global translation and services company, came to us to undergo a remarkable transformation in rebranding, emerging as a symbol of fresh energy and youthful vibrance.

The old logo, though once a beacon of recognition, had become a relic of the past. Its design, no longer resonated with the youthful spirit of the brand’s target audience. The logo’s color palette felt outdated, while its typography lacked the boldness required to command attention in today’s fast-paced visual landscape. Their previous logo had a monogram of the letter “L” in script form, which made it look more like an old language school emblem. However Ling Perfect’s brand value is more than this. They have an energetic and diverse team, working on linguistics, translation and localization, plus they are experts in SEO. Their subject matter knowledge spans in 12 industries, including government, legal, medical, marketing, and manufacturing over 17+ years. Therefore the challenge was to reimagine the brand’s identity without losing the essence of its heritage. This required a delicate balance between honoring tradition and embracing change.

The journey towards a new logo began with a deep exploration of the brand’s values and aspirations. The design team sought to capture the essence of the brand’s history while infusing it with a fresh burst of energy. The vision was clear: to create a logo that encapsulated the vigor and vitality that the brand stood for. To infuse energy into the logo, we added a bright orange, tweaked the old navy in to a modern blue, and also incorporated a lighter blue to create a vibrant color palette. These bright, energetic colors replaced the dull shades of the past. This new color scheme not only captured attention but also symbolized the brand’s revitalization.

To maintain a connection with the brand’s legacy, we redesigned the “L” shape in to a new icon that resembles the letter L but in a contemporary way. The new “L” now meets with a new square form - similar to the Tetris game or like a puzzle. Symbolizing Ling Perfects services and its clients coming together to make a whole.

The logo’s typography underwent a complete transformation. The outdated, font was replaced with a modern, clean sans-serif
typeface. Our choice of font epitomizes the less-is-more philosophy, enhancing readability and ensuring a sleek visual appeal as well as radiating a sense of enthusiasm, which shows the brand’s willingness to embrace change and venture into new territories.

In the ever-changing landscape of design, a logo redesign is a powerful tool for rejuvenating a brand’s identity. By merging tradition with innovation, and nostalgia with fresh energy, a once-outdated logo can be transformed into a dynamic emblem that resonates with a youthful audience and propels the brand into the future.

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