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Frutero Ice-Cream /
Branding & Key Visual Design

Branding, Key Visual, Illustration




USA, New York



Frutero is a 100% Real Fruit Ice-cream brand on a mission to make the world's best ice cream. Unlike sorbets, they combine real fruit with dairy to make delicious ice cream. Our first brief with them was to create a key visual that could be applied in-store and digitally.

One of Frutero’s missions is to introduce tropical flavors to people in the US who have never tasted these exotic fruits. For us, this is what distinguished them from other brands and gave us the background to play with. “Real Fruit” was also a key message and held a key role in the visuals. We wanted to create a visual that when the consumer looked at it they would visualize themselves in that background - away from the city, on an exotic island with this refreshing delicious ice cream. So the visual had to be current, not nostalgic and the ice cream had to look delicious. Our design also had to be flexible in that it would look good horizontally, vertically, and in square format.

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