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Avansas UK
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Branding, Digital Banners, CRM Mails, Brochures


Avansas UK





Avansas is an office supply store. They are based in Turkey but now have opened up to Europe and are also operating in the UK. Our partnership began in 2020. They were looking for a bilingual professional who could communicate with the Turkish side and who was also aware of British culture. Having a British background we became the perfect candidate to take on the role. We signed on with them before the brand was launched in the UK. Hence we have been with them every step of their journey. While the brand is well-known in Turkey it was important for them to carry that branding to their UK site. However, since design-wise there are cultural differences it is a balancing act to keep both sides' needs answered.

Through good communication, quick response, and turnover we quickly became a trusted partner almost their in-house design team. Our role is to produce all of their visual communication both in print and digital media. We produce all of their digital banners on-site and off-site (google display ads). We create their email marketing and produce the emails on their systems. And also create their monthly leaflet which is both printed and made available digitally. We work closely with their sales and marketing team to plan out campaigns and respond quickly to price and stock changes. Integrated marketing is crucial in ensuring that the right messaging comes across all media.

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